X – S T U D I O  |   I V A N   J U A R E Z

Ivan Juarez is founder and principal of x-studio, a multidisciplinary research practice focuses on exploring different artistic and environmental disciplines through the dialogue between ecological, biological and cultural systems.  Through his practice he has produced a series of projects that explore the natural and built environment from a cross-disciplinary approach. A series of works conceived in diverse contexts and scales ranging from landscape and urban interventions, architectonic spaces,  landscape acupunctures, low-impact interventions, place making and site-specific installations to bio-cohabitation spaces, body architectures, sensory devices and craft pieces. These works have been created in different countries of Europe (Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Portugal) North America (USA and Mexico), South America (Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina), Australia (Blue Mountains), Asia (Japan and Taiwan) and Africa (Senegal).


Architect, landscape architect, environmental artist and educator. Ivan Juarez works at the intersection of practice, research and teaching, across a wide variety of media, geographies and scales.

PhD in Practice-Based Research in Art & Design at the Doctoral School | Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland. He holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture with distinction from Budapest Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning,  Corvinus University of Budapest. As a master student he received the ECLAS outstanding MLA Student Award given by the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools. He also holds a Specialization in Landscape Architecture from Barcelona School of Architecture ETSAB | Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and his BArch from Habitat Faculty, UASLP, Mexico.

Lecturer of environmental design disciplines, including architecture, design, landscape & urban design and lecturer of art disciplines including  environmental art. Ivan Juarez has been Member of the National System of Art Creators, an acknowledgment that encourages, promotes and supports individual creation to contribute and increase the cultural heritage and provides recognition to those who have given prestige to Mexico in the field of creation, for his lead performance and the level of excellence of his work.

Ivan Juarez is also the founder of Sensory Landscapes, a research lab and educational initiative which is dedicated to sensing the landscape through the conceptualization and findings of innovative methodologies for understanding and perceiving the environment through sensory experiences.

His works and trajectory have been awarded by multiple international institutions, and he has also received numerous international grants. His projects have been extensively published in international publications and exhibited at several international museums, galleries and cultural spaces.

His academic and curatorial work included intercultural issues, prompted by a number of exhibitions, lectures and workshops, collaborating with diverse international academic and cultural institutions, organizations and local community groups.