• Prague, Czech Republic  | Erasmus +| Environmental landscape strategies
  • Chișinău | Faculty of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Technical University of Moldova


  • Rockbund Art Museum RAM | Chapter 1. -Flaneur in the insular cities | China
  • Chișinău | Moldova | lecture at LH47 ARCHП
  • 2050 Forum in Yunqi | Hangzhou | China
  • Association of Architects Michoacan | Mexico
  • Association of Architects Celaya | Mexico
  • Milpa Collaboratory | Kościół św. Jana Nepomucena w Parku Szczytnickim | Wrocław, Poland


  • Artistic Research Conference, Czy badania artystyczne?, Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland
  • 6th International Biennial of Interior Design, Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Scientific Conference, Krakow, Poland
  • New Society Art Gallery, Boston, USA (online)
  • Roundtable | RadioArquitectura | Fantasias y Realides en Arquitectura | Mexico
  • Faculty Week | Faculty Habitat | Autonomous University San Luis Potosi | Mexico


  • Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives (BigCi), Australia
  • International Seminar Map and Territory, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Academy of Art and Design of Wroclaw, Poland
  • The Carmen Cultural Center, Valencia, Spain
  • Agri/Culture.Seed,  presentation + exhibition, Longyearbyen, Norway


  • Granada University, School of Architecture. Master Degree, Granada, Spain
  • Granada University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Granada, Spain
  • Master in Landscape Studies, Gardens and Public Spaces; Granada University, Spain
  • Design + Crafts Encounter.  Arts & Wine Center, Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain     
  • International Congress of the Mountains. CIMAS, Granada, Spain


  • KAIR. Kamiyama, Japan
  • AIR Symposium hosted by the Kansai Regional Association, Kamiyama, Japan


  • Budapest Center for Architecture (FUGA), Hungary
  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
  • BAU International Berlin. BA Interior Design
  • LA Hippocamus. Lecture: Place & senses. Budapest Center for Architecture, Hungary


  • IG Architektur, Vienna, Austria
  • Taipei National Institute of the Arts, School of Fine Arts. Taipei, Taiwan
  • Tamkang University, Department of Architecture, Taipei, Taiwan


  • Catholic University of Santa María, Congress: Latin-American Architects, Arequipa, Peru


  • Vermont Studio Centre, Lecture Hall, Vemont, USA
  • Faculdade de Arquitetura – Universidade Federal da Bahía, Brazil


  • Bergen School of Architecture. BAS. Bergen, Norway


  • Architectural League of New York. Young Architects Forum, New York, USA
  • Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy


  • Architekturzentrum, The Austrian Museum of Architecture, Vienna, Austria


  • International University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. Foros EsArq
  • Association of Architects of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain


  • University Alcala, Madrid, Spain
  • Cultural Institute, Mexican Embassy, Madrid, Spain
  • Dadialogos 01, Espacio Daedalus, Barcelona, Spain



  • Contemporary Art Colloquium, Academic Coordination in Art, UASLP, MX
  • La Salle University, Faculty of Architecture, Oaxaca, Mexico


  • Latin American Biennial of Landscape Architecture, keynote speaker. Merida Universiy
  • Michoacan University.Landscape and Identity. Keynote speaker
  • Institute of Technology of Colima. Keynote speaker
  • Faculty of Architecture, Leon University, Dolores Hidalgo. Keenote speaker, Mexico
  • Faculty of Habitat, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico


  • Guanajuato University, Congress ENADII 2014, Guanajuato, Mexico
  • College of Architects San Luis Potosí, Mexico
  • University Cultural Center «Caja Real», SLP. International Museum Day
  • Faculty of Habitat, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico


  • Architecture and Urban Culture Center (CCAU), Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Landscape Architecture Congress, keynote speaker, Michoacan, University of Saint Nicholas of Hidalgo, Morelia, Mexico
  • Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, campus Guadalajara
  • Angela Peralta Theater. Lecture. Public Space, Association of Architects San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
  • Sofia Barat University, SLP, México
  • Urban Forum 2013, lecture: From actors to authors in the city: Strategy implementation and study cases, Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico


  • Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, campus Queretaro


  • University La Salle, campus Morelia, keynote speaker: Intarsia, Intromisión arquitectónica, Morelia, Mexico
  • Association of Architects San Luis Potosi, Lecture: Architecture, art and Landscape
  • Faculty of Habitat, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico


  • II Landscape Architecture Congress, Centro Universitario de la Costa, Puerto Vallarta, Mx
  • University of the Mexico ́s Valley. Keynote speaker
  • Casa de la Cultura San Luis Potosí. Keynote speaker


  • International Architecture Colloquium. Ciab x6, University De La Salle, Mexico, Keynote speaker


  • Faculty of Habitat, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico