White column

site-specific intervention at Can Lis house -living room space-
Mallorca, Spain

“This window and the ray of light is a poetic illustration of the passing of time”

Jørn Utzon, referring to the small vertical opening high up in the living room of Can Lis.

Framed and enclosed by the narrowest niche of the living room, a slender, fragile and white column rises in contrast to the massive and monolithic inner space.
The site-specific intervention has been conceived for the living room of the house, a space that evokes a spiritual and material sensuousness. The vertical element interacts with the natural light, and as a solar clock, suggests a linear shadow movement across the floor as the sun moves, rising in the east and setting in the west.
The site-specific work pays tribute the most significant architectural element -the column-, also used as an important structural-expressive element in the house, and at the same time, it pays tribute to the local ceramic material as reference to the houses’ patterning of the tiled furniture.
The intervention is part of the series of experiential works -inhabiting Can Lis, as a creation space-.

With the support of Utzon Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Architecture.