Echoes from the sea
Mallorca island, Spain
A sensory experience of the Mediterranean landscape

“We feel pleasure and protection when the body discovers it’s resonance in space.” Juhani Pallasmaa

With the intention of listening the symphony of the Mediterranean sea, its rhythms, musicality, and sonic ambience, the project proposes a new dialogue with the surrounding landscape through the sensory experience of hearing. The acoustic installation, as an instrument that plays sounds from nature, is located on a steep cliff on the east coast of Mallorca island, above the Mediterranean sea. From the lime stones, the piece gives a sensitive notion to the natural environment, bringing a new perception to the marine context through the bodily experience. In this way the piece makes a link to the ocean through its acoustic environment amplifying the echoes from the sea; wind, birds, rain and breeze.

The acoustic device explores the use of a local material terracotta, through an artisanal technique that responds to the cultural context of the island.

Project made with the support of Utzon Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Architecture.