cliff belvedere
Mallorca island, Spain

Standing on the edge of a stone platform on the coastline of Mallorca island, twenty meters above the Mediterranean sea, the project proposes a new dialogue with the surrounding landscape through visual experiences. The site offers a series of contrasting landscapes that goes from steep cliffs and erosional landforms to wide sea and sky horizons. The scenery also offers a diversity of Mediterranean flora and fauna, such as seagulls, hoopoe birds and conifer trees.

As a living canvas in constant transformation, the piece creates a framed window to the seascape, bringing a new perception of its ever-changing environment. On the one hand the piece pays homage to one of the most significant architectural elements of Can Lis house -the niches from the living room-, where windows enclosed mystically the horizon line, and on the other hand, the piece evokes the dynamic scenario and sea’s potential force such as sunlight, rain, fog, waves and storms.

Project made with the support of Utzon Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Architecture.