Pacific coast | Mexico

The intervention is located in the tropical deciduous forest on the Pacific coast of Mexico, a fragile landscape characterized by its great ecological biodiversity, where a wide range of natural habitats and endemic species coexist together. Among the flora that cohabits this fragment of landscape are several varieties of trees such as Parota, associated with a variety of palms, ferns, grasses, mosses, shrubs and wildflowers.

As a living space, the pavilion pays homage to the significance of this ecosystem, through a piece that explores light and uses the palm leaf found in the site as main material. A space made through artisanal processes. An interior space of personal reflection that merges with the natural environment and at the same time creates a visual dialogue between the interior and exterior landscape it delimits. From the interior, the piece frames and suggests the landscape through different layers that project light and shadows. From this point it is possible to observe the sky through the foliage of the trees, listen the surrounding environment and recognize the symphony of soundscapes of the site. The limits are defined and blurred by a vegetable skin, fan-shape leaves, that act as light filters. Throughout the day, the exterior appearance of the pavilion changes through different shades and transparencies. At dusk, the light dilutes its intensity, transforming the pavilion into an illuminated space that blends with the surroundings.