olfactory device
glass & forest

The nostrils awake a forgotten image and fall into a vivid dream. The nose makes the eyes to remember.  Juhani Pallasmaa

The sense of smell as an evocative connection associated with memory, experience and place.

Intangible landscapes are particularly defined by scents, providing significant information on micro and macro aspects of our environment. The piece contains a fragment of forest. As people approach to the piece, an ethereal scape enhances the olfactory experience. The glass device proposes to explore the human sense of smell as an intangible connection to the forest landscape.

The city of Wroclaw, besides its natural surrounding scenery, is also recognized as the the cultural center of Lower Silesia, playing an important role in the history of the glass crafts in Poland, with several glass factories since the Middle Ages.

The piece has been made with glass blowing techniques in the laboratories of the Faculty of Arts in Wroclaw.