Water poems, sky mirrors

Orange County Crime Victims' Memorial
William R. Mason Regional Park.
Orange County, California

Water poems, sky mirrors proposes a gathering place for self-reflection; a site that commemorates victims through a close dialogue with nature.

The intervention creates an enclosed and open landscape that transforms constantly: a different color for every hour, a different atmosphere for each season, and a unique perception for each visitor.
A stone-lined trail leads to a grass mound, where a rounded spaced is revealed. Inside it, organic shapes create a cluster of water mirrors at ground level, embraced by the mound. A circular bench invites us to sit and contemplate the reflecting ponds. Between the ponds walking pathways are formed and the view to the existing lake is framed by jacaranda trees that complete the grass mound circle.

The ponds are made of black granite and work as floating mirrors above which small phrases, engraved with written poems, are placed. Water slides gently through the pond, and when visitors look down and read the water mirrors, their own reflection can be seen simultaneously with the sky and poems.
During the day, reflections on the ponds change with its different lights; and when the sun goes down, the Memorial is transformed into a illuminated landscape.


Engraved poems, placed on the black granite surface, become a connection between people and the sky. When visitors approach and look down to the water the mirrors, their own reflection can be seen simultaneously with the sky and poems.

Recognized as one of five Distinguished Finalists