Water + Health Park

Budapest, Germanus Gyula Park

The Water and health park located in Germanus Gyula Park in Budapest, seeks to create a place envisioning it as a gathering urban area that maintains the historical spirit of the complex through a direct dialogue with nature. A project addresses the relationship between water, city and nature.

The project creates an enclosed open landscape, with an atmosphere that transforms constantly. A series of gardens to be discovered in constant dialogue with the surrounding historical buildings. A grass mound protects the user from the acoustic and visual contamination; a series of water channels come from the ground. Between the gardens, walking pathways are framed by existing trees. Inside of a garden, in front of the historical building of Szent Lukacs gyogyfurdo, a cluster of water mirror emerge from the ground level. The slope and the benches inviting to contemplate the space. The planting design proposes the creation of different surfaces and types of ambiences formed by multiple vegetal modules.