Urban Prototype. Telescopic System
Special Mention in the International Contest of Ideas, Waiting Spaces.
Given by Domus Academy, Milan. Italy

The contemporary city has been characterized in the last few years by a constant urban transformation in which each day the public space changes and constantly transforms itself. The movement and flow of people generate public spaces as forms of physical expression: parks, squares, avenues and streets, are places which generate an infinity of expressions and demonstrations of shared city living.

Transit Spaces consists of the realization of a sculptural work which proposed a constant transformation and adaptation of a public space, exploring new aspects of movement and occupation in the city.

The work is proposed as an interactive piece consisting of a telescopic system which has the capacity of constant transformation to create different types of spaces and situations. The system can be regulated in height and/or arrangement, each element having the possibility to grow or decrease, appear or disappear forming different opening scenarios or transformable pathways.

Project made within ex-studio together with Patricia Meneses