water path

Gihon River, Vermont, USA

Pathway of senses, a water passage on Gihon River as an intervention that emerges from the landscape to discover new perceptions.

Water path creates a new dialogue to the landscape of Gihon River, a stream located a few kilometers from Johnson, a town in the northern Green Mountains in the state of Vermont, United States.

A series of wooden platforms emerge from the river, forming a route towards the perception of the natural surroundings. The intervention creates an experience as one walks through it. Along the route, walking on water, each piece works as a personal observatory, where it is possible to discover different senses, to perceive the scent of the river, the relaxing sounds of the flowing stream and to observe from the river the unique and vibrant symphony of colors of Vermont autumn with its Fall foliage, a spectacular experience in which each day nature brings different colors to landscape.

Ivan Juarez : : x-studio
A project done at Vermont Studio Center with the support of Robert Sterling Clark Foundation