Pyrenees, Andorra

The Pyrenees mountain range in the principality of Andorra, comprises a complex landscape of forests, rugged mountains and hill meadows, with diverse landforms and significant natural and cultural values. The site intervention Sky-cabin pays homage to this landscape, as well as to the medieval chapels and mountain shelters. Pyrenean rural architectures that are characterized by being small and simple constructions that dialogue with the natural environment.

Located on the eastern slopes of Coma Pedrosa, the highest mountain in Andorra. The intervention Sky-cabin, emerges from the horizon through a wooden enclosure that envelops the spectator in the landscape of the Pyrenees, to direct his gaze towards a fragment of the sky. From the interior, the piece frames and suggests a scenery, creating an inner space of light and shadow where the atmosphere transforms constantly: a different sky color for every instant and a unique experience for each person. The intervention seeks to create a place for self-reflection expanding the limits of the space through people´s sensory experiences. From the inside it is possible to hear the surrounding landscape and recognize the symphony of the mountain forest that adds soundscapes to the site.

Author: x-studio : : Ivan Juarez
Curator: Pere Moles
Powered by: Land Art Andorra 2017
Carpenter: Fusteria Roc