90 years 90 trees
Historic center, Founders' Square, SLP, Mexico

On the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP) in Mexico, the architect Ivan Juarez, has conceived the site specific intervention Raíces, in one of the most significant urban spaces in the city: La Plaza de los Fundadores (Founders’ Square), in front of Main Building the oldest and most emblematic building from the university.

The intervention reflects on the significance of education as a tree that grows from a seed and expands in many branches as a metaphor of knowledge. A rooted tree that grows, feeds us, share its wisdom, shade and shelter.

Each of the 90 trees represents the same number of years of autonomy granted to the university in 1923. The intervention proposes that, from this commemoration and as a symbol, the trees will be planted at different university campuses as part of the natural and cultural landscape of the city.

Project: x-studio :: Ivan Juarez
x-studio collaboration: Elva Araceli Gonzalez
A project with the initiative of the Rectory of UASLP
With the support and production of the of Institutional Image Department UASLP