Casale Marittimo, Tuscany, Italy

Situated on the top of a hill, the village of Casale Marittimo is privileged for its particularly landscape views: the view opens on to Tuscany valley and over a large stretch of the Tyrrhenian coast. From the interior of the ancient villa, between the stone walls, is difficult to see the wide landscape.
The intervention is an observatory- space made for personal reflection. The transparent structure, placed on the top of a house emerges as a prosthesis from the roof. From this space is possible to have a higher point of view and to see the wide landscape surroundings.

Comune di Casale Marittimo, dalla Provincia di Pisa e da Tra Art Regione Toscana.
Organized by: Kforumvienna
Curator: Emanuele Guidi

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juárez together with Patricia Meneses
special thanks to: Patricia Mussi