Passage, paper lights

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), located in the historic center of the city of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, was the city’s post office for 100 years until 2006, when it began its conversion into a museum, and then opened as the MAC three years later.

The site specific intervention, Passage, paper lights, conceived specifically for the public space that is part of the MAC, reflects on the original function and meaning of the building – a place of letters and papers, a place of encounters, desires and personal stories. The intervention uses Papel Picado (paper cutting), recovering and exploring this great handmade craft tradition in Mexico.

A series of handmade pieces suspended between the urban space and sunlight, become membranes that filter natural light, creating a path of lights and shadows in the public space. The viewers experience, through the journey of the passage, different ways of approaching and perceiving the building and its relation to the historic city.

A project done in collaboration with Elva Gonzalez
and with the collaboration of Roberto Gárate Ferretiz, artisan from the neighborhood of San Sebastian
curator: Antonio García Acosta