Foundation, Montenmedio Contemporary Art NMAC,
Cádiz, Spain.

Nest- Passages, a site specific intervention conceived for the natural environment of NMAC Montenmedio Contemporary Art, a space for contemporary art that functions as a point of interaction between its social, cultural and territorial context. The NMAC Foundation, inmersed in a Mediterranean pine forest, is located in the interior lands of the Dehesa Montenmedio in the province of Cadiz. NMAC, is situated in a singular place; on one side, the Atlantic sea in its encounter with the Strait of Gibraltar; and to the other side, the Natural Park with an extraordinary autochthonous Mediterranean forest.

As a transitional sculpture, the Mediterranean forest, is transformed into a place to be discovered and traveled, a place of transit, mutation and reflection in which a new spatial tissue is built. The conductive thread, travels across every natural element: pines are entwined to shape traveling lines in which the light passes through, drawing a new reading of the space. During the route, a weave in the top of a tree, as a human nest, allows to observe the environment from another point of view.

Conductive thread: Maritime Cordage a material made in this region was used for the realization of the work. A material which expresses the geographic and historic importance of Cadiz, as a place with a close link with nautical and sea navigation, Cadiz as a place of encounters, travels, trips, and routes, beginning and destine. Europe, Africa and America.

The intervention has been done during the workshop Art and Nature. Ephemeral landscapes.
The studio as directors of the workshop in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team
from disciplines related to art, architecture, and landscape.

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juárez and Patricia Meneses

Clara Muñoz-Rojas (Sevilla, landscape), Blanca Del Rio (Jerez, artist) Clara Sánchez (Madrid, landscape and agricultural engineer) Pedro Alarcón (Málaga, visual artist) Juan Carlos Sánchez (Murcia, architecture), Leonor Seguí (Valencia, visual artist) Alberto Mariotti (Milan, graphic design), Vicente Matallín (Valencia, architecture and Laura Riera Ros (Madrid, environmental sciences and artist)

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