Intervention. Gothic cloister

Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona, Spain.

“Now, the thread has been lost, the labyrinth has also been lost. Now, we no longer even know whether these corridors that encircle us are those of a labyrinth, a secret cosmos, or a chaos of pure chance. Our beautiful duty is to imagine that there exists a labyrinth and a thread. We might never come across the thread; or we might stumble upon it unexpectedly and then lose it again in an act of faith, in the rhythm of a line, in a dream, in word called philosophy or in a moment of mere and simple happiness”

The thread of the Story, Jorge Luis Borges

As a transitable sculpture, the vaulted gothic porche, place of transit, mutation and reflection, is proposed as a space in which a new spatial tissue is built. The conductive thread in a way of Ariadna’s thread, travels across every element: archs, columns and vaults are entwined to shape the laberith of lines that draw a new lecture of the space.

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juárez with the collaboration of Patricia Meneses and Hide Kazu