Fragmented Landscape

Fjords, Norway

Grant Nordic Artists’ Centre Dalsåsen, Norway. Norwegian Ministry Of Culture

Fragmented landscape is an observatory piece that emerges from the landscape to define and to discover a new perception of the fjords. A project concerned with shaping a new perspective of the natural setting.
The intervention, placed on a privileged landscape with an unique views, emerges as a natural wall that suggest and reveals a sequence of fragmented landscapes. The piece combines the raw materials of the woodland with an altered perspective. A wide vista over a spectacular fjord is seen over and through an arrangement of disks cut from sections of slender evergreens. The juxtaposition may intend to bring about a renewed awareness of the landscape but it also brings to mind that old idea about seeing the forest for the trees.

collaboration: Sandra García
NKD: Arild H. Eriksen (Director) + Jasmina Bosnjak, (Coordinator)
Norwegian Ministry Of Culture