Drawing lines

Cleveland Public Library’s Eastman Reading Garden, USA

Drawing lines is a temporary installation for the Cleveland Public library’s Eastman Reading Garden. The intervention brings a global perspective to the garden and a new interpretation of the space that imaginatively frames views of the garden’s natural beauty.

A continuous thread moves across of new architecture elements filtering the natural light and creating new passages and spaces to gather and reflect. The garden, place for reading, relaxing, and socializing, is transformed into a place to be discovered and traveled, a place of transit and reflection in which a new spatial tissue is built. As a narrative thread, the intervention creates a series of entwined elements that shape spatial lines in which the light passes through. The installation creates new personal spaces, structures interposed between the sunlight and the interior space it encloses.

The thread creates new spatial experiences through planes as regulators of light, filters that sift natural light from the outside. Through its transparent walls anyone can explore the installation, discovering new spaces, shadows, and frames. The light dilutes their apparent solidity, and lead them to become pieces that illuminate from within and melt into the garden.

Drawing lines was presented by LAND studio, the Cleveland public library, See Also! Art Program and it was displayed during the Aha! Festival of Lights.

x-studio : : Ivan Juarez
Architects collaborators of x-studio: Cris Gerling, Elva Araceli Gonzalez and Mariana Ugalde
Powered by LAND studio, Cleveland Public Library, See Also! Art Program and Aha! Festival of Lights
Curator: Erin Guido
Project managers: Gregory Peckham, Erin Guido and Joe Lanzilotta
Special thanks to all the team members of LAND studio