Semi desert of Tropic of Cancer

Inspired on the geometry of flowering cacti, the site specific intervention ‘cactaceae’ is designed in response to its natural scenery. Located in the semi-desert of the tropic of cancer in Mexico, the folded volume pays tribute to this landscape – a place where a diverse range of endemic American plants exist.

The desert flowers are typically characterized by their contrasting stems and thorns, displaying a variety of forms and textures. The shelter explores the traditional artisan technique in Mexico of ‘papel picado’ or paper cutting – it is made from a semi-transparent membrane with floral embroidery on its skin that filters light through to the interior. The space offers a restful setting for personal reflection, with views out to the exterior landscape.

The boundaries between outside and inside creates a strong visual dialogue within the structure, which during the day changes its outer appearance through varying tonalities and reflections. at dusk, the light fragments its apparent solidity to reveal a sculptural form that illuminates from within, helping it blend into the landscape.

Piece by x-studio : : Ivan Juarez
with the collaboration of Elva Araceli González and Roberto Gárate, San Sebastian neighborhood’s artisan.
With the support of MAP, Museum of Popular Art in Mexico.