Pollinator space
Farm Cultural Park, Favara
Sicily, Italy

Conceived as a tribute to the Mediterranean landscape, the architect Ivan Juarez of x-studio has created a site-specific intervention in a public space of Farm Cultural Park, a cultural complex located in –Sette Cortili– neighborhood in the town of Favara, Sicily.

Farm Cultural Park is a community model that in recent years has positively transformed the urban and social tissue through artistic and cultural projects, where the inhabitants coexist among terraces, patios, squares and gardens, with public art works, murals, exhibition spaces and educational spaces such as the School of Architecture for children.

The installation proposes a vision of the future of Farm, through an olfactory and pollinator space where various fragrances of aromatic plants are mixed: lavender, thyme, rosemary, peroska, sage and mints. Natural fragrances that attract diverse species of bees, butterflies and other insects, generating new ways to coexist with the natural environment, activating sensory experience and memory.


x-studio : :  Ivan Juarez

coordination: Annamaria Grasso

construction: Ivan Juarez + Attilio Di Salvo

Powered by Farm Cultural Park / Andrea Bartoli e Florinda Saieva.

Special thanks to the team members of FCP: Rosario Castellana, Antonio Alba, Mariacristina Di Carlentini, Costanza Dal Mas, Mustafa and Marco Claude