Micro landscapes : The milpa

Germination proposes a bio-connection between seeds and body through a series of living sculptures that pay homage to the cultural significance of La Milpa, an agricultural system from Maya and Mesoamerica civilization that produces maize, beans and squash.

Nature-based dialogues: The seed germinates from the body, as a symbolic and symbiotic piece that evokes new links to relate human being to natural cycles increasing their interaction through poetic dialogues.

Seed cultures

On June 9, 2019, Seeds InService deposited a collection of art works inside a frozen mountain on the Arctic island of Svalbard. From the Agri/Cultures Project and Seed Cultures Initiative:

In a deep cavern carved inside a frozen mountain on an island high up in the Arctic lies the most biodiverse room in the world. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault holds over one million samples of seeds from all around the world. However, the Seed Vault contains no information about the cultural significance of seeds; no stories about how they are cultivated, by whom, for what purposes, using what rituals, etc. The seeds are frozen in isolation from all the social practices, ecological relations, and cultural histories that give them life.

The Seed Cultures Initiative seeks to create an archive of visual artworks to help conserve the cultural heritage of seeds. Its aim is to celebrate the way seeds live within vast webs of interrelations and to honor the fertile bonds between biological and cultural diversity in agri-food systems.

The Agri/Cultures Project is a five-year research effort, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, to explore agri-food systems and different cultures of agriculture.