Venice Biennale of Architecture Mexican pavilion

The Arsenal, Venice, Italy
Architectural Contest

Fundamentals 1914-2014. Absorbing Modernity: 1914-2014
Our proposal reflects on the condition of modernity, and in particular on how modernity as a discipline in the field of architecture and urban planning has developed in Mexico. Our proposal invites visitors to explore several reflections along the journey. A space that invites a reflective journey through diverse perspectives, in which the visitor experiences through a series of fragments, scenarios, approaches and passages different realities and utopias.
Spatially, the pavilion is developed through a series of vertical elements that draw an abstract landscape along the space. These elements generate different scenarios creating diverse approaches, dialogues, views and divergences.

x-studio : : Iván Juárez
collaborators: Elva Araceli González, Cristina Gerling and Eduardo Palau