El eco. Pavilion

Museo experimental el eco. Mexico City
Invitation design contest

The Museo Experimental El Eco is a meeting place for the arts. Emphasizing experiment, emotion and interdisciplinary thinking, the space continually takes inspiration from its unique architecture and the diverse conceptual interests of its founder, Mathias Goeritz.

The project for the Eco Pavilion is an initiative of the Museo Experimental el Eco (desined by Mathias Goeritz) and TOMO to introduce a dialogue with architecture in the museum’s program. The projects submitted in the competition by invitation to five young architecture studios: x-studio . Iván Juárez Cadaval+Solà-Morales, Frida Escobedo, Productora, and José Rojas are showing in this exhibit. The jury included architects Jose Castillo, Mauricio Rocha and José Sánchez.