suit with steel prickles
Vienna, Austria

Urban cactus is a suit for a contemporary human being that wears it to face urban life: life of now a days, in the street, in the metro, in the office, at work…
A suit that works as a skin to protect from the aridness that urban life carries. Contemporary urban society is constantly affected by different factors while living in a metropolis.
Urban cactus is a reflection of the closeness to which human being is exposed in public spaces, where no one knows between each other but the contact is evident, too close but too far, too exposed but too hide. The suit is worn by the man to protect and create at the same time his own space.

Exhibition: Display . Art in Public Space
Place : Pollistry, Atelier haute couture at  Neubaugasse, Vienna
Curators: Jessica Wyschka and Aldo Giannoti
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