Taste Lab . elBulli

Montjuic, Olympic Arena, Barcelona

Winner of the Prize AJAC. Young Architects of Catalunya

Taste Lab is a space that interacts with the gastronomic experience created by elBulli.

The project proposes a transparent space that creates a visual dialogue between the exterior and interior spaces it delimits, where the context of the Olympic Arena of Montjuic (Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi and Telecommunications Tower) function as main protagonists. The interior contains three luminous volumes of different proportions as transitional space. From the central prism that forms the foyer, two smaller prisms are  integrated, creating a progression of spaces that form a succession of light planes. The foyer leads into a large, transparent open space for 350 diners, lit by multiple suspended points of light that reflect in the transparent ceiling, multiplying to form a great interior constellation.

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juárez and Patricia Meneses
Collaboration Hide Kazu

Winner of the prize AJAC. (Young Architects Catalunya)
Given by the Association of Architects of Catalonia
Jury: Francisco Aires Mateus, Francine Houben (Mecanoo Architecten) and Francisco Mangado