Ecological Hotel Tulum

Eco hotel and landscape intervention
Caribbean sea, Tulum, Mexico

The natural territory of the Mesoamerican Caribbean and most specifically the region of Tulum on the southeast coast of Mexico, has one of the greatest natural richness, in which their local people throughout history, from the early Mayan civilizations, have been closely linked to its territory, preserving, dialoguing and valuing its natural resources for the development and protection of their own habitat and culture.

The project proposes to recognize this context as an interconnected territory through its various natural ecosystems: coral reefs, dunes, groundwater systems (including cenotes), wetlands, mangroves and lower montane wet forest. In addition, it proposes local alternatives and new approaches to promote a qualitative and sustainable development of the place.

Facing the Caribbean Barrier Reef, the site is located in a privileged area of the Caribbean coast: to the north is the archaeological site of Tulum and one kilometer south is the Xian Kaan ecological reserve. The proposal focuses on the creation of different architectural wooden elements integrated into the landscape without affecting the existing environment. The pieces can be discovered by walking through the site by a narrow path made of sand that links the natural elements, such as: Chit palm trees (Thrinax radiata), Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) and sea grape trees (Coccoloba uvifera). The intervention uses local materials and techniques combining them with renewable energy sources. The landscape intervention proposes to retain the dune as natural protection for inland ecosystems, which avoids beach erosion and also maintains the sea turtle nesting habitat.