Association of Architects. Building

SLP, Mexico

The building is designed as an open and flexible space that promotes a close dialogue with the urban context. The project explores the relationship between space, material and light and the use of courtyards, massive volumes and local stones that are characteristic of the desert landscape in which it is located. The layout of the volumes creates a central courtyard that distributes the activities. The concept of bridge-buildings, seeks an open public building in relation with the city as a domestic scale. The project includes a series of spaces closely linked to the activities and to the architectural program of the association. The interior space is achieved through the intersection of volumes creating  a series of  flexible spaces that can be transformed to different types of activities.

In co-autorship with Antonio Cardenas Gorab, Juan Manuel Lozano de Poo and Manuel Márquez

Collaborators: Elva Araceli González, Cristina Gerling, Eduardo Moreno Palau, Adriana Delgado, Ana Karen Vázquez and Octavio Acosta
Engineer. Ing Enrique Navarro
Resident building manager: Marcos Bocanegra
Construction: University UASLP, Building Construction Department

Cemex Building Award. Third Prize
Selection. Mexican Architectures. The Best of 21st Century. Editorial Arquine