Roman Amphitheatre, Windisch, Switzerland

The project forms part of an regional urban program which is located in the important cultural and historical site of the Roman amphitheater in the Municipality of Windisch. (A name derived from the original roman city name Vindonissa). The municipality of Windisch, the University of Applied Sciences of Aargau (FHA) and Swiss Art and Sport Association (SAASA) proposed a theme of Architecture and the body.

Our studio proposed a project that explores new concepts of space related to body, art and technology. A project which explores new ways of exercise and physical well being as well as new means of expression and perception of the body.
Body + Mind project explores the space through the physical experience of the people. A new space of connection between the past and present integrated in the original typology of the roman amphitheater, reinterpreting the references expressed by the original site and adapting them through contemporary meanings and ways of expression.

The project was planned as a research center focused on body and mind, facilitating the confrontation of various ways to conceptualize and perceive the space, inviting the active reception and reflection of the spectator. It integrates interdisciplinary concepts in the context of technological performance, interactive dance, acoustics, video, light and virtual architecture, exploring new languages and representations of the body in a hybrid context.
A laboratory of ideas, a space of encounter between: dancers and choreographers, visual artists, musicians, sound artists, writers, architects, theoreticians, and professionals of disciplines related to physical wellbeing and technology.
The spaces are articulated with respect to the following concepts: bodily, sound, visual, spatial and perceptive processes

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juárez and Patricia Meneses