Gothic quarter, Barcelona

In the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, it is proposed to make use of the roof of a building to create a living space, where originally, the water tanks for the building were located.
A minimum space with a glazed opening to the terrace, allowing the sun enter across the space throughout the day. The skyline is conformed by the Gothic roofs of the church Santa Maria del Mar and by the terraces and covers of the old town.


The project proposes a new dialogue with the historical building and context. A space in which the abstraction of the natural elements such as vegetation, water, stone, wind and light are the main protagonists of the space.

The limit between exterior and interior vanishes. The inner space extends into the terrace, the terrace, formed by platforms suspended on the stony surface becomes an extension of the house. The façade sets out like a changing wall composed by multiple layers that adapt in relation with the light, the ventilation and the privacy of the space.

The furniture set out like pieces integrated within the architecture.
The sofa-bed unfolds to extend itself approaching the terrace. Its interior contains wooden boxes that work as drawer-tables.
The presence of a lighting wall projects natural shades from its interior which transforms into a unfolding table for the dining room, by the other side the wall works as a dividing element as a closet and dressing room.
The bathtub, located behind the sink sets out as a great transparent water container with which the natural light from the opening of the ceiling projects water reflections on the walls passing through the old wooden beams that work as filters of light. The upper volume sets out like a dormitory space where its transparent and moving roof is a window that invites to contemplate the sky.

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juarez and Patricia Meneses