archipelago | bodyscape

North Sea | Sweden

I am a spot in a sea of waves

Each spot united in a movement

Which embodies


Gives us a place in relation to each other

Makes us one

Not because we are alike

but because we are shaped together


I lie still, my body next to the sea, in the place where the sun landed and the ground undulated. On the sand shaped by the eternal swells of the Kattegat. Right next to the world that is the sea, the place where life was born – I still felt it. Life, which changes with time, is shaped by its surroundings, our relationships in time and with each other. My body meets the waves of Kattegat, makes them take new directions, form new formations, meet new spots. The landscape that is me is filled with places where the sun can land and where the waves can make their way, where we are shaped by each other


x-studio : : Ivan Juarez

(x) sites | LandArt Biennale

project coordinator: Susanne Westerberg

text: Fanny Lindh

(X)sites is run as a project by Konstnärscentrum Väst. An artist organization dedicated to strengthening and promoting the role of the artist in Sweden.

with the support of Kungsbackakonst