Wroclaw, Poland: Exhibition at Galeria Tętno

Ivan Juarez´s photograph -Wroclaw Central Station- (Dworzec Wrocław Główny) is taking part of the exhibition -Spaces for Beauty, Glass spaces- (Przestrzenie dla Piękna, Przestrzenie dla Szkła) at Galeria Tętno, Jatki in Wroclaw, Poland. The exhibition presents a series of short-listed photographs that show the relationship between the use of glass and the architectural spaces of the city of Wroclaw.

Organizers: European Glass Festival -O Festiwal-, Wroclaw Glass Route (Szklane Szlaki Wrocławia), Galerii BB and Galeria Tętno

Galeria Tętno, Wroclaw, Poland

November-December 2019