Ukraine-Poland | workshops for children

Empathy for Ukraine

Participatory Design for Ukraine | workshops for children

Series of workshops

From April to June 2022 students and professors from The Laboratory of Designing Space and Interactive Objects conducts a series of art workshops addressed to children from Ukraine.

Through the workshop kids collectively develop artistic, ludic and didactic objects with different functions.

The model of Kyiv presented at the exhibition is the result of work with children, carried out by one of the groups. The final concept is to connect all the cities by means of an interactive road, generating specific light and sound messages referring to the ideas of peace, tolerance, democracy, as well as mutual dialogue, respect and cultural integration.

The models are built using visual materials and new media, it is part of a long-term process aimed at developing a system of models of individually linked cities of the globe, whose buildings, when connected, illuminate themselves

Laboratory Team Research Members:-Dominika Sobolewska, Aleksandra Biegańska, Ivan Juarez, Sebastian Sobótka and Michał Majewski

Team students authors of the workshop city model: Patrycja Letniovska, Mateusz Przystarz, Marcelina Rojkowska, Wiktoria Wieczorek