Linz, Austria: Insect City- work in progress

In December 2019, the first part of the installation process was carried out in the public space of the city of Linz. The inauguration will take place in March 2020

-Insect city- proposes a new hybrid urban landscape, a new housing complex for our insect cohabitants -wasps and bees-. In this way the project explores new approaches to redefine the boundaries between human and nature through a site-specific intervention that leaves space for new encounters. In this way the intervention dialogues with the urban landscape, creating new ways of coexistence between the natural and built environment.

A project developed with the support of AFO architekturforum oberösterreich (architecture forum upper Austria) and with the scientific advisory of Biologiezentrum-Ökopark, Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum (Biology Center- Ökopark, Upper Austrian State Museum)

Linz, Austria, December 2019