Helsinki, Finland: Soundest issue

Soundest- A quarterly zine dedicated to celebrating all forms of sound art and sound in the arts on an international level.

Sound device, the artistic-craft piece that relates body and sound has been published on -Soundest-. The piece has been made together with guitar maker Francisco Diaz, and it pays tribute to the musical heritage of the city of Granada.

Soundest issue 6

editor: Ava Grayson

Featuring writings and works by: Emeka Ogboh, Kristen Miologos, Ivan Juarez :: x-studio + Francisco Manuel Diaz, Nicolò Merendino (aka Chi ha ucciso il Conte?, Katharina Schmidt, Aiken Muller/Brad Muller/David Halsell, Frie J. Jacobs, Kusanagi Sisters, Aurora Del Rio, Magdaléna Manderlová, martin moolhuijsen

Helsinki, Finland, April 1st , 2020