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Future Archive by C-Platform

x-studio’s projects are part of Future Archive, an online platform that presents practice projects relate to nature around the world, to create a space to communicate and reflect on the topic of a sustainable future.

C-PLATFORM Institute founded in Xiamen, China. It is a non-profit culture and art research and curatorial institution supported by LUCITOPIA CULTURE. It is focusing on the issues of research and creative development of nature, culture, and sustainable future. Cooperating with global researchers, curators, artists, designers, and burgeoning creative groups to jointly generate a series of programs that are interdisciplinary,  undermined sense of cultural boundaries, extrasensory experience. C-PLATFORM integrates different types of projects and individuals into the unique context and experience. It attempts to establish an interactive exchange platform that continuously releases cultural transformation and social energy across the boundaries of content production and communication, public awareness, and experience

January 11th, 2022