body + sound
Granada, Spain

-Sound device- pays tribute to the musical heritage of Granada, a city recognized internationally for its extraordinary school of guitar makers-. A local craft of great tradition with important contributions to the Spanish and Flamenco guitar which has been transmitted over several generations.

The piece proposes a new approach to the string instrument, as a device related to the body that integrates sculpture and sound. The piece has been made through a handmade process that applies the same techniques and materials used in the construction of the traditional guitar. The object has been made of Cypress wood from the Alhambra and Palo Santo wood.

The project comes from the collaboration between Francisco Manuel Diaz, luthier and guitar maker from Granada and x-studio : : Ivan Juarez, as part of the cultural project -Encounter of artisans, artists and designers- organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada and the Center Albaycin.