Wrocław-Poland | Exhibition

The Milpa Collaboratory
Kościół w Parku Szczytnickim we Wrocławiu
Szczytnickim Park and Nepomucene church, Wrocław-Poland

With the intention of creating a multidisciplinary team of artists, researchers and educators, and based on common interests, we have generated a collective that is based on the concept of- The Milpa-.
The Milpa consists of a small parcel of land with mix crops where different plants grow together sharing the same space. By doing so they create multiple forms of collaboration between each other from their own particularities. In this way the Milpa maintains constant fertilization of the soil throughout cycles. It is an open form that nurtures the unexpected by allowing new associations. One thing connects with many others.

Artists and researchers:
Ivan Juarez
Diego Valladares
Agnieszka Bandura
Kinga Bartniak
Thomas Tajo
Paweł Drabarczyk
Chiara Sgaramella
Theo Vassilis
Urszula Lisowska
Sepa Sama

May 27 to May 30, 2021

Wrocław, Poland