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Ivan Juarez

Iván Juarez x.studio

Architect by the Habitat Faculty, UASLP, Mexico; Specialization in Landscape Architecture by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain and PhD student on Theory and History of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona.

Iván Juárez is Member National System of Art Creators (SNCA) Through the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA)

Professor of Architectural Design and professor of Landscape and Urban Design at the University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and director of Design Department at the same University; professor of Architectural and Urban Design Master at the La Salle University, Mexico

Ivan Juarez, founder of his own studio in Mexico x-studio : : Iván Juárez, after acting as co-director at ex-studio in Barcelona (2003-2009).

x. studio is a multidisciplinary space oriented towards reflection, promotion, research and action in different fields of contemporary expression. An open space from which springs a series of initiatives and projects focused to increase and diffuse new lines of action related to experiment and restructure contemporary´s culture.

Iván Juarez explores the relationship between art and function; integrating the disciplines of architecture, design, sculpture and installation. He has developed a wide variety of projects in different countries in which he investigates and experiments with new ways of relating space with society.

Iván Juárez has developed numerous projects: architecture, urban projects, site specific interventions, landscape interventions, set designs, installations, exhibitions, objects and outfit in different countries such as Italy, Senegal, Austria, Switzerland, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico conceiving each project in reason and function of its physical context and they could not be generated in any other place than the one of their conception and realization.

His work has been awarded by multiple international institutions, the most remarkable are: the Prize Design Vanguard, selected among the ten Architects of the year by Architectural Record New York; the AR award for Emerging Architects given by The Architectural Review in London; the Young Architects Award given by The Architectural League of New York; the New Generation Award, contractworld given in Hannover, Germany; The Young Architects Prize, given by the College of Architects in Barcelona; the National Grant for Mexican Young Architects, the State Grant -Trajectory Creators and the Grant NKD given by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture among others.

He has been guest lecturer and guest professor at different international institutes in Europe, USA and Mexico such as the Architectural League of New York, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the University of Westminster, London, the Architekturzentrum Vienna, the Bergen Architecture School in Norway, the University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, the Mexican Institute in Madrid, the College of Architects of Catalonia in Barcelona, the International University of Catalonia, the University La Salle, (Bajío and Morelia) Mexico and the School of Architecture at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, campus Querétaro . He has been invited by the Contemporary Art Foundation NMAC and by the Facoltà di Architettura de Siracusa to direct workshops of Architecture and Landscape.

His projects have been published in several architecture, design and art publications among others:

Young Architects 11. Foresight published by Princeton Architectural Press; XS Green by Phyllis Richardson, published by Thames and Hudson, UK ; Architextiles, published by the Royal College of Art; Natural Architecture by Alessandro Rocca, published by Princeton Architectural Press; Conversions by Emma O.Kelly, Micro Architecture by Ruth Slavid published by Laurence King Publishing; Jardins Ecologiques by Sophie Barbaux (France); Event Art by Jacobo Krauel published by Linksbooks.
And have been published by the most important international Aarchitecture Magazines such as Architectural Record (NY), Architectural Review (London), Experimenta (Madrid), Mark Another Architecture (Amsterdam), Volume (Amsterdam), Metalocus (Madrid), Diseño Interior (Madrid); Plan Magazine (Ireland); Frame (Holland), Traço (Portugal), Quaderns (Barcelona), Architectural Record (Usa); PA-DE Magazine (Japan); Lab magazine (Rusia), Arquine (Mexico); Domus (Italy) and Paisea (Spain), Topos (Germany), Arquine (Mexico).

Ivan Juárez has also conceived a series of initiatives and curatorial projects focused to increase contemporary architecture. He is the main organizer and curator of the International Exhibition Emerging Architects Colombia / Mexico www.arquitecturaemergente.org. An Itinerary exhibition through Mexico -Centro de las Artes SLP and Argentina -Museo de Arquitectura Buenos Aires and he has been co-curator of the Exhibition Homage to David Alfaro Siqueiros at Sardinia, Italy and curator of the exhibitions: Architextiles and 6 landscape short films in Mexico.

"The projects conceived in my studio explore the relationship between art and function; integrating the disciplines of architecture, design, sculpture and installation; projects in which I investigate and experiment with new ways of relating space with society; projects which I have conceived them in reason and function of its physical context and could not be generated in other place than in the one of their conception and realization.

My work —in which I investigate and experiment with new ways of relating space with society—started with the will of creating spaces from which I could reflect, research, and act in different fields of contemporary culture. From the beginning I have never conceived architecture just as a specialization, but architecture as a wider vision of understanding and questioning the environment that surrounds us, in which every project can enrich itself through diverse views and disciplines.

The work created in my studio doesn't start only from architecture but is nourished by different sources: cinema, music, dance, painting, or literature are, in many occasions, what give guidelines to my spaces"

For me every project has always been a constant search, I don't have a predetermined system or repeat a former project, but in each new project I want to be able to discover and experiment new possibilities. In this way each project has a special character that opens me diverse possibilities to do the next one. Each project is a window that opens and drives me to another.