SENSORY LANDSCAPES. workshop Valencia

Magro River
Valencia, Spain
Artistic production in educational environments

The agricultural landscape of the Magro river, located in the province of Valencia, has provided an excellent frame to develop a series of land art interventions, site explorations,  field mappings and seeding activities. The workshop proposes a connection to the territory which provides a significant place to generate sensitive-sustainable actions and reflections.

Through an educational and participatory process with kids, the project aims to sensitize and build consensus on ecological values as a link between art and nature. A series of sensitive approximations to generate unique experiences of the local surroundings.

The project proposes a multi-layered approach as a conductive thread that links different experiences: textures, scents, sounds, tastes and scenes. In this way, the site-intervention explores the sensory experience of touching, smelling, observing, tasting and listening.

Through a series of collaborative workshops with students of Real Valencia School, the project is focus on the relationship between nature and senses. A series of actions developed from artistic-academic processes through the dialogue between the kid´s sensory experience and their own landscape.
The project explores the use of low-impact and natural materials that respond to the unique characteristics of the context. It also explores the use of nature -wind, sound, lights, shades, aromas, textures – from the local environment.


x-studio : : Ivan Juarez

Artistic Resistance Educational Project.
With the support of Consortium Museums Generalitat Valenciana- Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporàni.

Real Valencia School:

Director: Vicent Lozano
Coordinator: Luis Sanjaime
Teacher 4th Grade: Fina Gonzalvo
Teacher 5th Grade: Noelia Díaz