Budapest, Normafa

The project focuses on the development of new approaches to the natural and cultural landscape of Normafa, a protected forest located in the XIIth District of Budapest which functions also as a public park for the residents of Hungary’s capital. The project proposes the conceptualization and design of a series of sensory trails and site-specific interventions that create new dialogues to perceive the landscape through senses and perceptions.

The project is proposed as an instrument that utilizes senses as a method of approximation to the site by increasing the perceptions to the landscape through the connection of nature with multi-sensory experiences: scents, textures, sounds, tastes and scenes.

The project is dedicated to the conceptualization and development of a landscape project that goes from large-scale design or network level, to small scale design or object level, with the projection of specific sensory devices, designed as interpretative links to communicate unique experiences.