Artistic production in educational environments
Real Valencia School
Valencia, Spain

Conceived as a link between art and nature and through an educational and participatory process, the project aims to sensitize and build consensus on ecological values. A series of three-dimensional spaces or sensory devices as interpretative links to communicate unique experiences of the environment and as instruments of approximation to the local surroundings.

The project proposes a multi-layered approach that links different experiences: textures, scents, sounds, tastes and scenes. In this way, the site-intervention explores the sensory experience of touching, smelling, observing, tasting and listening.

  • Landscapes of taste: productive landscapes, urban agricultures and gastronomic landscapes.
  • Scentscapes + cultural smellscapes: The sense of smell as an evocative connection associated with space, memory and experience.
  • Tactile landscapes: haptic and tactile perceptions. The experience of touching nature and feeling temperatures.
  • Visual landscapes: scenery and time. The visual perception (micro + macro), scenarios and the cyclic sense of time and nature.
  • Soundscapes: the sonic environment and the symphony of landscapes.


Through a series of collaborative workshops with students of Real Valencia School,  the project is focus on the relationship between nature and the senses. A series of pieces developed from artistic-academic processes through a dialogue between the kid´s sensory experience and their own landscape.

The project explores the use of low-impact and natural materials that respond to the unique characteristics of the context. It also explores the use of nature -wind, sound, lights, shades, aromas, textures – that respond to the unique characteristics of the local environment.


Artistic Resistance Educational Project

With the support of Consortium Museums Generalitat Valenciana – Center of Contemporary Culture Carme

Real Valencia School credits:

Director: Vicent Lozano

Coordinator: Luis Sanjaime

Teacher 4th Grade: Fina Gonzalvo

Teacher 5th Grade: Noelia Díaz