Kamiyama, Japan

The mountainous landscape of Kamiyama is characterized by preserved woodlands in constant dialogue with hills covered by rice terraces built into the slopes (Tanada in Japanese). The intervention pays tribute to the seed of rice, a cereal grain that historically has played a significant role in Japanese culture and to the agricultural activity of rice farming, an activity carried out for thousands of years in Japan. The intervention was conceived in Autumn, a symbolic season of the harvest when terraced rice fields change their colors into shining golden waves of grain. Inner rice field was created as a void made through the action of harvesting, a circular shape into the field that represents the natural cycle, a subtraction that creates an interior place to contemplate the landscape scenery.

Author: x-studio : : Ivan Juarez
with the collaboration of local community and farmers from Kamiyama
curator: Keiko Kudo
powered by KAIR