Second place. Ideas competition
traveling exhibition space in 20 cities of Europe.

The landscape like esthetic construction and the territory like scenary, constitute the reflective pillars of the project.
Lighting volumes that introduce the spectator in the middle of a forest of images creating a route trough the territory, changing tonalities and constant landscape changes through the time. Volumes that contain the movement through their images, each volume represents a fragment of the landscape, volumes covered by a surface skin in which fragments of the Catalan landscape are projected. A variety of changing landscapes that transform when the space is crossed: the rice fields in the delta of the Ebro or a forest of chopos. Through this Catalonia route it shows the particularitity of its places, its territories and the singularity of its population.

The program requires of many type of spaces (exhibition areas, working spaces, meeting areas, restaurant, cafeteria, bars and warehouses) and requires that for each one of the cities that will be exposed the dimension of the space has to be different. The project proposes a modular constructive system which offers the possibility of growing and transforming the building in to relation of each city mainteining the same concept.
Project made within ex-studio together with patricia menses


Giovanni Acevedo
Hide Kazu