Tulum House
House and landscape intervention
Caribbean sea, Tulum, Mexico
Honourable Mention. III Mexican Biennial of Landscape Architecture
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The site of 10x100m is situated in a privileged zone on the coast of the Caribbean. To the North (10km) are the Tulum ruins and to the South (1km) is the ecological reserve of Xian-Kaan.
The architectural proposal was realized due to the creation of a house composed of different architectonic pieces, isolated and distributed around the site. The different pieces are integrated into the landscape without affecting the existing environment. During the journey through the site (100m from the street to the beach) the pieces are discovered, little by little. The volumes are discovered united by a narrow walk of white sand which is formed by the existing natural elements: trees, palms, dunes.

The architectonic pieces were made from materials local to the region and are equipped with elements which adapt to the climate of the site, making use of solar energy.